Speed Demon for Sale by Juventus

Juventus pursued Filip Kostic for two years, but he was gone in weeks. Patrick Berger reported that the Italian giants sold the Serbia international to raise revenue during their financial crisis.

Last summer, Kostic joined Juventus from Eintracht Frankfurt. Massimiliano Allegri’s crew pursued the 30-year-old for a year before capturing him. They were right to think the left-footed forward would suit.

In his debut season at Juventus, Kostic played 54 games, 37 in Serie A. Output occurred. He became Turin’s first-team star with three league goals and eight assists. That may not keep him in Italy beyond the summer.

Juventus needs money to recruit. Kostic could take the bullet since his international colleague Dusan Vlahovic is expensive. Allegri’s team wants €12 million for the winger. Suitors abound.

England, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Turkey are watching Kostic. The Italians sold their finest asset less than 24 hours after Juventus sold Luca Pellegrini and Nicolo Rovella to Lazio for €21m.