Inter’s Acerbi Sparks Controversy with Gesture Towards Roma Fans

Inter’s Francesco Acerbi ignited controversy during their Serie A encounter against Roma by gesturing towards the opposing fans after scoring in their 4-2 victory at the Stadio Olimpico. Despite facing chants from Roma supporters due to his connections with Lazio, Acerbi’s response with a middle finger went unnoticed by match officials, leaving questions about potential consequences.

The match saw Inter overcome a halftime deficit to secure a crucial win, with Acerbi’s goal contributing to their comeback. However, Roma’s fans targeted Acerbi with chants referencing his past association with Lazio, prompting the defender’s retaliatory gesture.

Sport Mediaset reports that Acerbi’s action escaped the referee’s attention during the match. While it’s unlikely that he will face immediate sanctions or bans from authorities, the possibility remains open if the sports judge decides to review the incident. However, such a scenario appears improbable.

Despite the on-field drama, Inter emerged victorious thanks to goals from Marcus Thuram and Alessandro Bastoni, sealing all three points in their Serie A campaign. Acerbi’s gesture adds another layer of intrigue to an already eventful match, sparking discussions about player conduct and fan interactions in football.