Paul Pogba returns to Juventus after knee surgery

French midfielder Paul Pogba, who had knee surgery in early September and missed the World Cup in Qatar, returned to training with his Juventus colleagues on Tuesday for the first time since early October, as revealed by the club.

Paul Pogba

Photos and footage of the practice, featuring the 29-year-old holding a ball in the middle of his teammates, were posted on Bianconeri’s website.

Pogba did not make his Juve debut when he re-signed with the club in the summer from Manchester United because of a meniscus injury in his right knee.

His initial decision to avoid surgery in order to play in the Qatar tournament was reversed.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Juve’s primary goal is to have a healthy and productive Pogba for the Europa League play-offs against Nantes on February 16 and 23. His return to competition might come as early as the end of January.

The summer of 2018 saw the return of Paul Pogba, a player whose initial stint at the club (2012-2016) was highlighted by four league titles, amid much excitement among Juventus fans.

However, his return has been criticized by others who point out that he left his rigorous muscle-building activities and personalized fitness training to go to the mountains at the end of 2022.

Pogba, ever the philosopher, stated on Instagram at the end of December, “Patience is not knowing how to wait, but knowing how to maintain a good attitude while waiting.”

Four years ago, in Russia, Pogba was a crucial member of the French national team that won the World Cup. They won the championship game 4–2 over Croatia thanks to his goal.