Casemiro welcomes Neymar to Real Madrid

Casemiro appeared as a guest on the program Circulo Grande on SporTV, and during his appearance, he discussed Neymar as well as Real Madrid. Neymar has the ability to compete for any team in the world. Real Madrid is interested in signing him if they can’t get him from PSG first. Okay?” Casemiro gave his response.

“Neymar can play for any team in the world. If PSG don’t want him, Real Madrid want him”.

Even though the Brazilian midfielder has made it clear that he, Toni Kroos, and Luka Modric all still have football ahead of them for some time, they have seen how the addition of Tchouaméni to the team means that finally, he has a replacement in the team. This is because Tchouaméni has joined the team. “The entrance of Tchouaméni has the potential to cause Luka, Toni, or myself to depart. How could you possibly let Kroos or Modric go from your team? He retorted that “that is not possible.”


The Brazilian midfielder also highlighted in the program that he has a contract with Real Madrid until 2025 and that he only thinks about staying with the white club. By doing so, he put an end to the rumors that have been circulating regarding the possibility of his exit from the club.

Casemiro additionally wished to caution Vinicius about the fact that “There’s always a chance that Hazard will take his spot. He is getting ready to compete. In the event that Vinicius relaxes his guard, he will seek the position that Vinicius currently holds “, he passed judgment on.